KDE 4.1 Visual Changelog (Somewhere between Beta1 and today)

Hello there everybody in KDE-land. This morning I booted me up some kde4daiily in mah qemu. It runs like crap with my sub-par specs, what with the entire emulation layer and all, (KDE 4 runs great normally, of course ;P) but I was able to catch some noticeable improvements since Beta 1 was released. I also captured all the changes I noticed in my 10 or so minutes screwing around in this one screenshot:

Folderview applet
Yes, yes, we all know about folderview. (We hate you aseigo!!1!!! >:O … just kidding) What’s different here, you say?
Before we get started, let me say that this is basically a default desktop in the screenshot. I hardy made any modifications, except for maybe changing the order of things on the panel. The rest is strictly default. On to Folderview.

Folderview now supports a nice, semi-transparent background. By default, it displays the contents of your ~/Desktop folder. Now that a nice transparent background exists, you can have your nice Desktop folder icons cordoned off in a nice little plasmoid that blends in nicely with the rest of your desktop! You can manipulate these icons inside any way you like. You can add more than one folderview and set it to view any folder you like. For those who want icon representation of files on the desktop, this is a solution that is infinitely more flexible than the desktop-file-icon implementation of any Desktop environment that came before it. I personally will probably never use folderview, but for the people who do want to have icons on their desktop, this should be a dream come true.

Oxygen Window Decoration
I personally have had no problem with the Oxygen window decoration. But, for those who do, this improvement should come as a nice surprise. Active windows now have a few gradient-ed stripes running across the blank space between the window title, and the window buttons have been tweaked in general.

I know this is old, but I just have to re-iterate how nice the tabs on Dolphin are. Due to the work that was put in to make this feature possible, all tabs that any application uses can be closed by clicking an icon on the actual tab. (Not having this feature for Konsole was a pain)

There were probably more changes that I just failed to see, but qemu takes 5 seconds to bring up Krunner when I press Alt+F2. (Nice new KRunner, btw.) KDE 4.1 has some great new features. Since the first beta was released, there is already some noticable polish that is being poured on to this new functionality. KDE 4.1 should be great. Even if Plasma doesn’t quite have feature parity with the desktop components of KDE3 it’s getting close, and Plasma can already do many things that were impossible in KDE3.

P.S. I can has KDE 4.1 packages rite nao plz?

P.P.S You’re doing a good job nixternal.


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