More on Kubuntu Intrepid Plasma defaults

Ok, so in the past few days I’ve been doing some hacking on kubuntu-default-settings. Boring stuff mainly. I migrated the contents of the kde4/ directory to k-d-s’s root directory and moved the kde3 equivalents into a new kde3/folder. Then I changed the Makefile so the thing would actually compile and changed a /usr/lib/kde4 path in the .install file so that it would debuild.

Oh, and I also imported the new plasma-appletsrc, which is what everyone cares about anyway. 😉
So, I come bearing screenshot. Kubuntu Intrepid Ibex’s defaults in all their default-y glory.

Pretty neat, eh? As per the almightly spec, hovering over a different tab won’t change it. While I don’t use Kickoff myself, I do have to admit it’s sexy. I guess I’ll go back and wait for Raptor to be released.

So right now I need to get plasmoid-quickaccess included into main so we can have it with the default desktop. Speaking of quickaccess, there has just been a new upstream release. Thanks for vorian for a speedy sponsorship of the update.

In conclusion, I’d like brave individuals running Intrepid to check out the latest revision of kubuntu-default-settings ( and make sure it doesn’t eat any children or anything. Feedback is welcome too.



6 Responses to More on Kubuntu Intrepid Plasma defaults

  1. Niko Lewman says:

    looks great! Just one question, why the trashcan? I mean that it doesn’t add any usability on the panel, so why add it at all?

  2. Philip says:

    Plasma in KDE 4.1 by default adds a battery applet to the panel iff it detects a battery on first launch. Is the idea to completely ignore that? If so, what’s the best option for displaying battery info OOTB for Intrepid?

  3. Dread Knight says:

    Get rid of the damn trash can!Would rather go any day with a dolphin shortcut or a web browser one as well.

  4. JontheEchidna says:

    The idea behind the trashcan was to not remove functionality from previous Kubuntu desktops where possible. (KDE3 desktop has the trashcan)You just know that if it wasn’t there people would complain. 😉 It’s easy enough to remove anyway.@philipI have no clue how we would handle batteries. (I don’t have a laptop to test with either.

  5. Kristopher says:

    I may be wrong, but couldn’t the battery issue be solved with including kpowersave by default? I put KDE4.1 on my Ubuntu laptop the other day and had to install it manually. Also, what does the plasma-quickaccess package do? And the other one you mentioned?

  6. JontheEchidna says:

    kubuntu-default-settings is where a lot of the Kubuntu magic happens. Without it KDE and other apps would be the same as their upstream releases. This package basically holds all the customized config files and such for Kubuntu.plasmoid-quickaccess is a neat little plasmoid that allows quick access to folders or files.

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