Jockey KDE4

Ok, so here’s the lowdown on Jockey KDE4 integration. I had fixed up the work done by rbirnie and a few others about a month ago, but unfortunately nobody ever got around to including it in trunk and there have been some backend changes that make the current code not run.

So I imported trunk into a new branch here. and reapplied all the PyKDE4 portiness.

In essence, porting from PyQt4 to PyKDE4 allows us to better integrate Jockey with KDE. Here is what you get from PyKDE4 that you wouldn’t get from PyQt4.

-Icon theme integration. If by a longshot somebody made an icon theme that included a different jockey icon than the one jockey installs, then it would load that. Otherwise it will fall back to the one that is installed with Jockey. Nobody will notice this change really, lol.

-Color scheme integration. Since it’s now a KDE4 app it will follow your KDE color scheme. Before it always used the Qt color scheme. It also should look better when running as root.

-Dialog integration. All dialogs that require user input. (Yes/No, continue/cancel dialogs) are now KDE-ified. The best way to show this is with screenshots:

Compare bare Qt dialogs:

With shiny KDE dialogs:

Please help test. If we want to have this included before the feature freeze in a week and a half we need to make sure it works. 😉


One Response to Jockey KDE4

  1. Dread Knight says:

    Looks way better so far! Good job! 🙂

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