State of the Plasma – Kubuntu 8.10

Feature freeze! Pencils down! (Note to self, FF comes quite early in my timezone.)

So it’s feature freeze time. That means from now until 9.04 opens up no new packages can be added. That being said, I think we stand well in regards to our Plasma offerings in Intrepid Ibex.

A default install of Intrepid will give you:
-All the regular plasmoids in KDE4
-All the plasmoids from the kdeplasma-addons module.
-And plasmoid-quickaccess.

The default desktop currently looks like this:

Starting from the desktop you can see the standard folderview applet which houses all the icons in ~Desktop. We also have a notes plasmoid on there which we’re going to use to deliver some sort of welcome message, but we’re going to have to patch kdebase-workspace for that one since the message will need to be translated, etc. Will probably come when we package KDE 4.1.1

Moving down to the panel we have standard Kickoff.
Right next to Kickoff we have the QuickAccess plasmoid which by default displays your home dir. It’s quite nifty.
On the other side of the task manager we have the “Show Dashboard” Widget in between the pager and the systray for easy access to the Plasma dashboard. Then we have systray, new device notifier, clock, and trashcan. No explanation needed for those. ๐Ÿ™‚

In addition to the default setup we also have quite a few plasmoids installable via apt-get or everybody’s favorite graphical apt frontend. Here’s the list of apt-get installable plasmoids:

plasmoid-am4rok – A controller plasmoid for Amarok and JuK (Doesn’t work with amarok at the moment due to Amarok2 DBus API changes ๐Ÿ˜ฆ )
plasmoid-flickr – A flickr plasmoid for KDE 4
plasmoid-lancelot – An alternative launcher menu plasmoid for KDE
plasmoid-previewer – A simple file previewer plasmoid
plasmoid-system-status – monitors the average cpu usage (vorian did this one)
plasmoid-teacooker – A Teacooker plasmoid for KDE 4 (Wubbbi did this one)
plasmoid-toggle-compositing – A Plasmoid for toggling desktop effects
plasmoid-weather – A weather display plasmoid for KDE 4
plasmoid-wifi – A Plasmoid that displays WiFi connection strength

One note, you have to run kbuildsycoca4 from the terminal before these will show up in the widgets lists.

I’d say that list looks pretty nice. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Well, I hope it does, because that’s been my main packaging focus for this cycle. ๐Ÿ˜›

The ninjas are gearing up to package KDE 4.1.1 soon, so here’s where I make my shadowy exit to the bowels of IRC.


5 Responses to State of the Plasma – Kubuntu 8.10

  1. imrael says:

    That sounds absolute awesome. I can hardly wait for it.

  2. Dread Knight says:

    People told you before the trash applet is useless and i think the show desktop applet would be way better than the show dashboard one since it minimizes the windows and you get to see the desktop will all it’s applets, so you get to hide your stuff for sure if you need to rather than some ‘eye candy’.Is that an icon for home folder / dolphin? O_oSo not only you get to have your home directory in a folder view applet when you start or the Kickoff menu, but you also get a shortcut for home in the panel… heh… Yes, I’m picky!Device notifier? Don’t you receive shortcuts for those inside dolphin?4 Desktops? It really adds up to the confusion. An average user will use 2 at most!Consider my panel: is how it should look by default imho.

  3. JontheEchidna says:

    Actually, the folderview shows the contents of the ~/Desktop folder, and QuickAccess gives you rather quick access to the contents of your home folder.Folderview is mainly there for legacy support for people who still have icons ‘n’ such on their desktop.Oh, and the default desktop *does* actually have only 2 virtual desktops. I just got lazy and copied the default plasma-appletsrc to my home dir because I didn’t want to go log in to my test dummy account, grab a screenie, copy it back over with sudo, then change the permissions, etc. So that’s why the screenshot has 4 virtual desktops.

  4. Dread Knight says:

    I don’t have anything against folder view applet; i like it actually.Good about the virtual desktops ^_^Hope at least some of my other suggestions will be considered ๐Ÿ˜›Cheers!

  5. No says:

    Surely your are releasing 8.10 with KDE 4.1.1 even thought the ff was couple days back? I can not see any reason not to because it is just few fixes to 4.1. I am sure that there are couple useful plasma-addons as well which could be used as a default. I was hoping to see also packagekit in 8.10 but… well there is always 9.04 ๐Ÿ˜‰

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