KDE 4.1.1 released

KDE 4.1.1 has been released for both Kubuntu Intrepid Ibex and Hardy Heron. If you’re an astute Intrepid user you’ll notice that you’ve already received these updated a few days ago.
Get it now!

The Kubuntu ninjas spent most of last week packaging KDE. (That is to say, waiting for stuff to compile. That’s why it takes so long :P)

So who are these guys providing Kubuntu users with the awesomest KDE 4 packages ever?

* JontheEchidna (aka Jonathan Thomas) Me! I like root beer…
* vorian (aka Steve Stalcup) OMG! PONIES!1!
* smarter (aka Guillaume Martres) still hasn’t applied for motu yet
* Arby (aka Richard Birnie) wasn’t able to make it this time for the packaging spree, but he is appreciated all the same.
* Riddell (aka jr or Jonathan Riddell), the almighty Kubuntu robot, who’s sponsoring the Intrepid uploads … he also can transform into an oracle if someone might have unanswerable questions
* Harald Sitter (aka apachelogger) He ran out of beer. Then stayed awake for 30 hours. He also traded patches with Fedora and now we have admin mode in systemsettings.
* Scott Kitterman (aka ScottK) He saved our rear ends after kde4libs accidentally got uploaded to Intrepid main with the 4.1.0 tarball.

ScottK stayed up half the night sponsoring our fixed packages. Without him Intrepid alpha 5 would be quite broken to say the least. Trust me, I lived without plasma whilst assisting in getting all the kde packages ready for a rebuild. I feel like an alt-tab-y Mac user now.

Anyway, the 4.1.1 packages sport a number of improvements. Beyond the numerous upstream fixes mentioned here, the Kubuntu packaging is probably in the best state they’ve ever been, not that they were bad for 4.1.0 or anything. 😉

If you see a Kubuntu ninja around on IRC, give them a thanks. It was a good job all around.


3 Responses to KDE 4.1.1 released

  1. PeperJohnny says:

    Thank you and other Ninjas for doing this great job. Keep on rocking

  2. smarter says:

    Nice post, but why did you start with “$nick (aka $name)” and continued with “$name (aka $nick)”? 😛

  3. JontheEchidna says:

    @smarterCopypasta from apachelogger’s 4.1.0 blog, then lack of attention on my part. 😛

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