KDE 4.1.2, ninjas are go!

(Click for bigger awesome)


12 Responses to KDE 4.1.2, ninjas are go!

  1. nvalcarcel says:

    that terminal is terminator?

  2. seajey says:

    Looks like fullscreen yakuake

  3. JontheEchidna says:

    Dunno actually, smarter made this poster.

  4. smarter says:

    Yup, it’s Yakuake in full-screen 😉

  5. Connor says:

    What’s that terminal font, Consolas?

  6. Risto H. says:

    Yakuake’s great if it only knew how to remember the session settings = window configuration. I know that you can use dcop/dbus to config it but that’s a pain. I’ve contacted the author and heard that it’s about Konsole or Ksomething that needs to support it first. We’ll hope to get it there at some point 🙂 Anyway, KDE(4) just rocks 🙂

  7. BobCFC says:

    Thanks mate, I was going to ask about the console font too… the code look very readable on the lower right.

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