Adept 3.0 and Intrepid

RC freeze soon… today! oh noes!

Luckily, mornfall has scheduled a last beta release, beta3 for tonight last night. Then it was found that beta3 completely broke Adept Installer and they guy rewrote the offending widget in two hours this morning! Poor guy didn’t know that it was Ubuntu freeze time until yesterday. ;D The man deserves a medal. (Note, this is also why it looks like I wrote this blog post last night, because I did write it last night. :P) Barring accidents, beta4 should be released in a few hours.

New in Adept 3.0 beta 3 4

So, what’s new since the last beta? Plenty! You can also visit mornfall’s blog for more infos direct from the source.


-By far the most annoying bug Adept had in beta2, searching by package name in Adept Manager now works! Huzzah! Only one thing to say, mornfall is the man. (LP: #263438)
-Scrolling has been fixed so that package descriptions don’t scroll per item, but per pixel. Now packages with huge descriptions don’t disappear when you scroll down. (LP: #275196)
-Adept Installer gains a rewritten paging implementatoin. It works much better now and is implemented in 50 less lines of code, also fixed a nasty resizing issue on blank searches.
-Fetching package lists no longer always enables the apply button since mornfall moved the code to a more sane location. (LP: #279204)
-Mornfall also fixed a crash when filtering search results that were already empty because of a tag was fixed. (LP: #279209)


-Most of the pushbuttons now have nice Oxygen goodness. All I can say is, Oxygen ftw!

-Text from package descriptions are now copyable. This is a very handy feature that only took one line of code to add! (LP: #261775)
-If opening up a package description will cause the description to expand out of view, Adept will now automatically make sure as much of the package description is readable as possible by autoscrolling. Again, 1 line of code since Qt has this function built-in. Gotta love Qt. (LP: #52461)
-The Okular sidebar-graphics code patch introduced after Beta2 has been merged into Adept3 beta3 for all Adept users to enjoy, but Kubuntu users have had this for a while.
-kdesudo is now recommended if Adept isn’t launched with admin powers. If you only have gksu installed it will recommend that. πŸ˜‰
-The Kubuntu patch by Riddell for the button to launch software-properties-kde from Adept has been merged into the main branch for beta3. Unfortunately the version of s-p-kde in Debian is too old for the current implementation to work. 😦

All in all, I am very pleased about how Adept 3 is turning out for Intrepid. The most serious bugs have all been fixed, the bug page looks beautifully triaged, and the extra features that have been added on in this beta give Adept a nice polished feel.

Adept 3.0 beta3 should land in the main repos later tonight hopefully today before slangasek wakes up, once Riddell syncs it and libept (synced last nigh) from debian.

My hitlist for Adept 3.1

So I’ve found out that implementing your own features/fixing minor rough spots is actually quite fun, and C++ isn’t as scary as it looks. ;D So for Adept 3.1 I want to get more involved in bugfixing/polishing rather than making a few changes at the end of the cycle in the face of feature freeze… So, for 3.1 I want to:

-Improve the layouting for the buttons in general. The super-wide buttons don’t look that good imo…
-Uh, actually most of the features up there were going to be on my hitlist for 3.1, but we managed to get them in for 3.0. So I guess I’ll keep on trying to find byte-sized issues and rough spots to fix, hehe.

Out of town

I will be going away on a college visitation early tomorrow morning. I don’t expect to be back before Wednesday. Luckily, I’ve done just about all the Kubuntu things I’ve wanted too and it’s freeze time next week anyway.


4 Responses to Adept 3.0 and Intrepid

  1. hughsient says:

    Why are you guys not using a PackageKit backend? Seriously, yet another synaptic/gdebi clone? You do know KPackageKit is being suggested for KDE 4.2, right?

  2. matteo.gazzoni says:

    And what about those hideous icons (the ones near the names of the packages) ?

  3. danzam says:

    why don’t kpackagekit? however, there will be an integration with the kde’s system settings?

  4. No says:

    I really would prefer kpackagekit over anything else…Totally other topic: In my understanding the kde 4.2 alpha 1 should have been released yesterday. Do you know when it will be available for Kubuntu 8.10?

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