Today is not my day

November 24, 2008

I have to unload before I go to bed or else I’ll feel really yucky trying to get to sleep…

As you know, KDE 4.2 beta1 is set to be released soon. Tuesday in fact. And that is part of the problem. Batholidays are coming so the Kubuntu Ninjas have been running short on batpackagers for this KDE 4.1.80 release. This means that progress has been running quite slow. While we have the lastest akonadi and soprano snapshots uploaded (and phonon, kdelibs, kdepimlibs, kdeadmin, and kdeaccessibilty ready to go), we still have kdebase, kdebase-workspace, kdebase-runtime and every other KDE module still to go. That is a considerable chunk of KDE, and beta1 is to be released Tuesday.

To make matters worse, I noticed something very strange while I was updating kdenetwork. After 2 hours of compiling (my computer somewhat sucks), I notice that dh_install is failing because it can’t find the GroupWise, Jabber msn plugins. Ouch. Looking back at my build log I quickly saw why, though that is not to say that I understand why GroupWise and Jabber aren’t being compiled.

Apparently CMake can’t find the QCA2 headers. This is despite the fact that kdenetwork build-depends [b]directly[/b] on libqca2-dev. In fact, CMake even says it finds QCA2, but then contradicts itself and says that QCA2 is nowhere to be found:

— checking for module ‘qca2’
— found qca2, version 2.0.0
— Could NOT find QCA2 (missing: QCA2_LIBRARIES)

I fully understand why msn support wasn’t compiled, however. 😉 In KDE 4.2, the Kopete MSN plugin has been completely rewritten, and now depends on an external library, libmsn, for MSN support. This is great, since it closes a crapload of bugs. Unfortunately Ubuntu doesn’t have libmsn packages yet. That means I’ll probably have to package it, get it uploaded, and get it promoted to main. Normally I’d be happy to do this as it would be good experience for me and make my resume look more sexy. 😛 (I plan on applying for MOTU soon) But due to the situation, this makes me feel more depressed. I doubt that there’s any way that I could get libmsn packaged, uploaded, and promoted to main by Tuesday. There’s just too much work and too much red tape to go through for that. We can have a crippled Kopete in Jaunty for a bit or we can just leave it at it’s current version (4.1.2) to preserve packaging and have it not work at all until we can get libmsn in. And that’s not even taking into consideration that I still have no clue why cmake is farting out on finding qca2.


I guess what’s really bugging me is that I spend two hours waiting for kdenetwork to compile, then spend 15 more minutes wading through the .install files modifying them for the changes from 4.1.2 -> 4.1.80 and then have all that work erased since A) the build is useless and B) not all of kdenetwork compiled so I will probably need to redo the .install file updating to be on the safe side. To add to that I just got a library that needs packaged, uploaded, and promoted to main dumped on my lap and I also have a mysterious CMake issue taunting me, all of this with a deadline of Tuesday. At least this is alpha so it’s not that big of a deal that Kopete is crippled, looking on the bright side(tm)

So that’s been my day. Hope tomorrow’s better. 🙂