A new year, a new version of Kubuntu

Since yesterday was New Years Day, I thought it would be a perfect time to upgrade to Jaunty. The upgrade was quite smooth for an upgrade to an Ubuntu alpha. I only got bit by one small python-central bug and an overwrite error or two. (These have been reported by others)

I had to pin some X packages beforehand to make sure the drivers for my nvidia card worked, but at least I could get it to work this time around.

Since I was already running KDE 4.2 in Intrepid I don’t have that to wow me about Jaunty, but I think startup time was a bit faster.

One thing that worries me slightly is that I had to sudo service networking restart before the network would work. I have a simple dhcp wired connection set up in /etc/network/interfaces since I’m on a desktop computer and I find network manager more of a pain than its worth. This worked fine in Intrepid so I hope it doesn’t become habitual in Jaunty…

Overall Jaunty is pretty cool. New versions of software, a not-wrecking-my-computer upgrade experience; pretty nice.


One Response to A new year, a new version of Kubuntu

  1. Michael R says:

    Any clues on how to get kdebluetooth working?

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