GTK+ apps, QtCurve and Kubuntu 9.04

Wow, I haven’t blogged in a while. Maybe I should do so more… Maybe something plasma related. Anyway.

Ever since the KDE4 remix of Kubuntu 8.04 GTK+ applications have suffered in KDE environments. You could either:
– Stick it out with the Windows 95-esque Raleigh theme
– Use gtk-qt-engine to match your current theme with varying results, but mostly poor results with Firefox
– Realize that you can use other GTK themes using the gtk-qt-engine System Settings module to do so. (Not user friendly on many levels)

Usually you had to trade off between a uniform widget style (or an attempt at one) or barf all over your screen. Luckily for us, the QtCurve GTK style has been recently updated to have a more KDE4/Oxygen-esque look and feel. True, it doesn’t fit in perfectly with Oxygen, but even though it is a different theme it fits in a hell of a lot better than the bug-ridden pixmaps gtk-qt-engine would output. (No offense to the gtk-qt-engine author, who sadly seems to have disappeared off the face of the Earth. Best wishes to you)

As of now QtCurve has replaced gtk-qt-engines as the default GTK theme in Kubuntu 9.04. (Meaning that you’ll see this by default for reals in beta. You may have to manually set it if you have alpha 6) And no, we probably won’t set the KDE theme to QtCurve as well, since it looks better than QtCurve, and we don’t wanna diminish KDE’s hotness by using QtCurve for the sake of pixel-perfect uniformity. I know that this paragraph will spark tons of comments about why QtCurve should be default for the KDE widget theme… what am I getting myself in too? Let me just say that there’s a reason the almighty lords of the Unix Epoch invented preferences and configuration for a reason, and leave it at that. 😉 It blends in pretty well, though, so it shouldn’t look *too* inconsistent. (KDE widget style smoke. Don’t breath this[/willitblendpun])

Oh, screenshots. Can’t have a blog without ’em:

My mouse is over that one bookmark next to the blue tooltip, you just can’t see it…
As you can see, though, QtCurve:
– Follows your KDE icon theme (a bit better than gtk-qt-engine I might add)
– Follows your KDE color scheme (Blue tooltips, and an unharsh blue for things like progress bars unlike gtk-qt-engine)
– Has tabs that don’t look too bad ™
– Fits in rather well with Oxygen
– Yes, I have the default Mac OS X 10.5 wallpaper
– No, I am not really all that in to Macs (I just like that wallpaper)
– Yes, not maximizing firefox was just an excuse to show off my plasma widgets. I usually keep my Firefox maximized. 😉

All I can say is that even if the situation might not be perfect, GTK application should look much nicer and integrated in Kubuntu 9.04, and definitely will be a lot less buggy. 🙂


11 Responses to GTK+ apps, QtCurve and Kubuntu 9.04

  1. lure says:

    Thank you for pushing this into Jaunty. /me really likes new Firefox look!

  2. Vadi says:

    What happened to Konqueror?

  3. JontheEchidna says:

    Nice attempt at a troll, but I’m not falling for it.The reality is that people will use GTK apps in KDE environments, and its our job as a distribution to make sure that GTK apps look at least decent. I just used Firefox as an example.Maybe you’re just mad that you didn’t have anything HIG-related to complain about?@LureYou’re welcome, but I’d really give the QtCurve author most of the credit for creating the theme in the first place. 🙂

  4. Vadi says:

    No I’m not actually, I’m just wondering why is the native browser not being promoted aggressively but all of the gtk+ developments are related to Firefox looking good (its not just your example, a lot of talk I see is centered around it. I thought it was something special)So no, not trolling, the reality is true and I don’t think otherwise.

  5. val-gaav says:

    That for certain is progress to current situation where with kubuntu we have a non working Gtk-qt-engine, because of non existent dependency of libnoboui (and no libnoboui is not installed with any gtk+ app I tried).. That is a really great “newbie friendly” solution. I and other advanced users will just google up the solution but the rest of the world will just say: “Linux sucks”In the long run though Qtcurve solution is a dead end. It doesn’t solve the problem it just masks it … Or wait it doesn’t even do that unless I run the Curve theme also as a main Qt theme.While qt-gtk-engine is not perfect I am using it and the only apps so far it has problem with are FF TB and OOo … You could just use Qtcurve only for FF, TB, OOo and leave the GTK-Qt-engine to do the good job for the rest of gtk apps. GIMP for one looks great with it.GTK-Qt-Engine is buggy ? well yes, but one can easilly see the problem is mostly with apps that don’t really use GTK+ (Mozilla and OOo uses their own toolkits and gtk+ is just a wrapper on linux for them) so why not put Canonical people to fix it / work on it ? Why not support other things that actually at least try to solve the problem ?There is much more to this issue then the theming system :– file dialogs. – placement of buttons on dialogs … GTK+ apps use Cancel OK scheme.– print dialogsOn the front of GNOME they now have thanks to Trolltech(Nokia) QGTKStyle which solves all the problems with GTK+ – Qt integration and works for many themes not just one…So instead of catching up to that KDE users are now told to use QTCurve ? Sorry but that just sucks…BTW I’m running jaunty right now and although not perfect I guess I still have a better integration then Qtcurve does : – with nice GTK+ Oxygen theme : – Firefox … yes Firefox is using the standard KDE4 File dialog : think you guys should support both GTK-qt-engine and Kgtk (the app that forces gtk+ apps to use kde4 file dialog), saying it’s buggy etc. is not the way to go instead you should just fix those bugs … Good point you made about kde4 desktop is that it’s impossible to stay Qt4 only and not use any of the great GTK+ apps.

  6. Vadi says:

    Just a fyi, qtcurve does no solve all problems and it is buggy (poor support for css styling and etc.)So it’s not exactly a heaven here either 🙂

  7. Pan, Shi Zhu says:

    I know why people stating qtcurve is buggy but IMO it is better than gtk-qt-engine.I use qtcurve since kde3 and the first thing after I installed kubuntu 8.04 kde3 is to change the gtk-qt-engine scheme to qtcurve since qtcurve has less bugs.gtk-qt-engine has bug in all gtk+ based apps and it does not show radio/combo box correctly.non of the solution is perfect, but I think qtcurve is better and a distribution had to make a choice instead of reinvent all wheels.

  8. val-gaav says:

    Actually QGTKStyle is perfect solution… on the GNOME site that is.Seeing that can really make a KDE/Kubuntu user consider switching sides . < HREF="" REL="nofollow">link<>Now that rocks, and seriously WHY KDE/Kubuntu cannot have something like that too ?

  9. jensbw says:

    val-gaav:Actually QGtkStyle can be used in both cases. It’s a normal Qt-theme so if you do find a Gtk+ theme you like you are free to use it in KDE4 as well. That will of course also make Firefox look better.

  10. blueyed says:

    Thanks for this work!Really appreciated and very good looking.

  11. J&amp;D says:

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