Software-properties-kde, jockey-kde enhancements for Jaunty

Software Properties

Some enhancements for the KDE frontend of everybody’s favorite /etc/apt/sources.list editor, as launchable from Adept (and more recently lauchable from KPackageKit) have been uploaded just now to Kubuntu 9.04. I actually made the changes back in February, but I forgot to bug mvo enough to get the changes into the main bzr branch…

But that’s all taken care of now. The changes aren’t all that impressive, but I think that they still make a difference. 🙂

One of the more noticeable changes is icons. Before I don’t think there was a single icon in the entire program, except for the window icon. The program was a sea of gray tabs. Now most of the buttons have icons (where it makes sense)


Another noticeable change is the use of the KDE file dialog instead of the Qt one. What can I say? KDE has the best file dialog I’ve encountered. (Even if it’s not perfect, it’s close) If you’re adding GPG keys to apt, you will be seeing less of this:

…and more of this:

Much more pleasant/consistent with the rest of KDE. Though I must say, it’s nice to see pure Qt apps following the KDE color scheme with Qt 4.5. 🙂

On a final note relating to GPG keys, as of Jaunty when no key in the list is selected, the remove button will be disabled. It’s like this for the repository editor, so I dunno why it wasn’t like that for the GPG tab… It’s barely worth a screenshot though.

None of these changes are all that big, but I like talking about stuff like this. And some polish here and there can make a big difference. 🙂 On that note I’m impressed with Kubuntu 9.04 so far. I’m confident that this release will rawk!

In regards to software-properties-kde, for Kubuntu 9.10 it’d be real nice if I could find the time to integrate s-p-k with PolicyKit now that we have a KDE frontend, so that the application doesn’t have to be run as root. Maybe I’ll find time to implement syntax checking when adding repositories too.
In a magical world I suppose it would be awesome to turn it into a System Settings module, but I’m not sure how to make the GUI class a child of both the Software Properties GUI abstraction and a child of the KDE Control Module class…


On the subject of Kubuntu tools turning into System Settings modules, it doesn’t look like jockey will be making it in 9.04. 😦 I never figured out how to make the whole thing thread-safe while grabbing data from the backend, so it still crashes. Oh well.

On the plus side, Jockey did manage to get both PolicyKit and KNotification support in recently thanks to the efforts of Riddell. 🙂 Yes, this means sexy Plasma notifications rather than those somewhat-ugly KPassivePopup balloons, and that you will only be prompted for a password when you try to actually do something that requires a password. Also since it’s not run as root it will use your theme/fonts instead of root’s.

Here’s to a good weekend!


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