Progress! (Not quite there yet)

Since my last post the wallpaper plugin has moved to kdeartwork, so if you’re running KDE 4.3 from trunk that’s where you’ll find it these days.

I just thought I’d give everybody an update on the Weather Wallpaper’s status for KDE 4.3. 🙂
Definite progress is being made, but it still has a ways to go before the new features are ready.

This weekend I implemented user-definable wallpapers, though it doesn’t save or load any of these custom associations yet so everything gets lost rather easily. Actually, I implemented that plus a whole advanced settings dialog so that graphics junkies can fine-tune the wallpaper to the level that they could with the default “Image” wallpaper plugin.

Here’s a screenshot, which shows fairly well what doesn’t work too:

The top bit of the Advanced Settings dialog is where you choose the weather condition and choose a wallpaper for said weather condition. For the sake of demonstration, I have set it to display the Red Leaf wallpaper when the weather is sunny/clear. Unfortunately, this also shows the biggest bug in the feature. The feature works for the preview inside the Desktop Settings config dialog, and it even works totally when you load the wallpaper up in plasmawallpaperview. The catch is that your actual desktop background doesn’t change to the custom wallpaper you’ve selected. :/
I have no clue why it behaves this way, and any help in finding out why/how to fix it would be appreciated.

Continuing on about the dialog, when you select a weather condition from the “Condition:” box, the “Picture” box should automatically jump to the current wallpaper assigned to the condition. I say “should” because this is also broken. When I try to set the index of the picture combobox to that of the current image, it tries to find the index of the author’s name rather than the name the picture itself, making it always fail. I’m not quite sure how to fix that one yet, but at least I know what’s wrong.

All the stuff in the bottom portions of the advanced settings dialog should all work. (Color, positioning, Get New Wallpapers) They should all act as they do in the Image wallpaper plugin. Just as a note, I’ve also fixed that gap between the Author label and the Picture combobox in svn.

Once it is possible to save and load custom weather/wallpaper associations, this plugin will be feature complete for KDE 4.3. Meaning that once this is implemented I will be happy with the current functionality for this plugin. I won’t be happy with the overall status of the plugin until the glaring bugs featured in this blog are fixed, mind you. 🙂

In conclusion; progress is being made and the plugin is almost where I want it feature-wise for KDE 4.3. (But it still needs a lot of love)


12 Responses to Progress! (Not quite there yet)

  1. Laerte says:

    Hi,Should not the “source”, “city” etc. fields be moved to the advanced or configure dialog? Or they will desapear when I select another plugin?Anyway, thanks for the effort for exposing the Plasma capabilities and making an even better desktop.

  2. JontheEchidna says:

    Yes, when you choose another plugin that will all disappear and be replaced with the configuration of the plugin you selected. The advanced settings are only available to the weather plugin.

  3. Groo says:

    Hi,First of all , great addon for kde4, using it with kde 4.2.2 already 🙂unfortunatelly i live in brasil and the default dataengines arent that good for south america, could you or the kde4 devs PLEASEEEE add more weather dataegines? cwp (kde-look) would be a good plasmoid to look at for weather regards and keep up the good work

  4. DrIDK says:

    Where did you find “plasmawallpaperview” ? I want play with it too !!

  5. JontheEchidna says:

    “plasmawallpaperviewer” is part of kdebase. (workspace/plasma/tools) As long as you’re building plasma, it should be there. 🙂

  6. JontheEchidna says:

    CWP doesn’t use the weather dataengine at all. It parses the weather data directly inside the applet. What would really be nice is if the CWP author could write an Ion (a weather dataengine datasource) for Yahoo so that any weather plasmoid using the weather dataengine could use it without having to parse Yahoo’s weatherdata itself.

  7. Todd says:

    Looking really good. I can’t wait to try it out. What is the status of the other dynamic wallpapers for Plasma (marble, mandlebrot, virus, qedje)?

  8. Fri13 says:

    Is it possible that wallpaper would be changed by time too?

    User could select wallpaper for every 3 hour. (06-09-12-15-18-21-24-03-06)

    This way we photographers could offer timed wallpapers what would be taken on correct times and then let them be changed with nice smooth effect 😉

  9. JontheEchidna says:

    I’m not really involved with the other dynamic wallpaper plugins, but Virus and Marble are in kdeplasma-addons, and work pretty well if I do say so myself. 🙂
    Mandelbrot is almost there, and it should be moving to kdeplasma-addons soon too. QEdje might be the only wallaper not making it, but I don’t know one way or the other….

    Do you mean would it be possible to add this functionality to the weather wallpaper, or for wallpapers in general? (In KDE 4.2 there is already a slideshow plugin, but it randomly chooses images from the directories of your choice)

  10. Stefan T. says:

    I am glad to see changes.

    I don’t like current solution.

    We need “grid” for wallpapers and option to remove wallpaper (wallpaper from HD).

    Previews from Get Hot New Stuff are too small.

    Option to see how it looks on desktop…..

  11. J&D says:

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  12. ghanshyam says:

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