Sonic 4

Sonic 4 has me in a froth. I am frothing.

If they could make a solitary boss room as epic as that of Lava Reef Act 2, but in HD, I could die happy. In fact it would be so awesome it would probably kill me.

Seriously, this crap be epic


5 Responses to Sonic 4

  1. It had better be awesome, we’ve been waiting for a more than a decade.

  2. benjamin says:

    A very good Megadrive emulator, with high compatibility in my experience, is Generator.
    I’m using it for *years*, and it’s still as good 🙂

    (if you’re running Ubuntu Karmic, sadly, you need additional effort to workaround )

    Megadrive – best console ever.

  3. lunarcloud says:

    Yes! I’m wicked excited.

    Sonic CD was the best.

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