New Kubuntu branding

At last night’s Kubuntu meeting, among the many things discussed was the rebranding of the Kubuntu logo, to be used in such places as the bootsplash and the website. Here is the chosen result, designed by our very own Roman Shtylman, who in the very same meeting also became a Kubuntu member. He’s also the one behind our lovely KDM theme that is now the upstream default for 4.5, as well as the Ubiquity (Installer) artwork introduced in Kubuntu 9.10.  (And to avoid confusion, no, he is not a Canonical employee, just one really rocking guy)

As previously noted, the “k” in there is a placeholder, as the new Ubuntu font that Mark Shuttleworth recently blogged about is still in its infancy. But before you jump to conclusions and declare the lack of a “k” a scourge on the face of Canonical, consider that this font (which is targeted to be released in 7 months with 10.10) also lacks an “a”, “e”, “i”, and “o”; basically anything that’s not “ubnt”. If you think that Canonical discriminates between KDE and GNOME because of this font, then you must accept that they are also guilty of vowel discrimination.

And rest assured, we’ll get a “k” before final release.

So be on the lookout for spinning nixternal heads and angry vowels as we approach the release of Kubuntu 10.04.


15 Responses to New Kubuntu branding

  1. d2kx says:

    Awesomenism. It haz it.

  2. You are too kind 🙂 … Hopefully the logo will be well received… if not we will be back to the drawing board! I await for delivery of a ‘k’.

  3. Bertel King, Jr. says:

    I love the new logo! Also, I just read the minutes of the meeting, and it said you guys discussed people who could be featured on the website. How do people go about getting selected for inclusion? Can any user be featured?

    • echidnaman says:

      Ryan was asking what commercial deployments of Kubuntu there were, so that he could put them up on his website. I don’t know much more than that, so you’d have to ask ryanacka

  4. Amine27 says:

    Don’t like it 😦

  5. […] have been seeing some images pop up on several blogs regarding the new kubuntu logo. In my opinion the text treatment that makes up the logo looks more […]

  6. binarylooks says:

    It’s great. Very fresh and just nice. It was the first one I chose on the list of logos J Ridell sent around. Better than numbers 1 and 2 🙂

    Thanks for the effort you put in this.

  7. asdkhfklsdahfdklsh says:

    Hello, can I see a screenshot of new KDM somewhere?

  8. It inherits a problem of the new Ubuntu logo-type: it needs to be rather large to have enough pixels to render the detail in the circle.

    I hope the k will share a baseline with the other characters in a revised version and be kerned carefully.

    I understand the reference to the 3 friends, but it’s a broken cog …

    • Bertel King, Jr. says:

      Kubuntu isn’t one well-oiled cog. It works because of all the cog pieces made separately by contributers that get put together to make it work. At least, that’s one way to look at it. This logic would also add another dimension to the logo — not only do friends use Kubuntu, but friends *make* Kubuntu. Without them, it wouldn’t work.

    • Mackenzie says:

      Actually we were all thinking very hard about scalability when voting for what the new logo should be. The Circle of Cogs turns into a circle-of-blurry-other-circles or circle-of-snowflakes or something at small sizes. This is at least still fairly clear when you make that circle 22px high. (Some of us like the idea of being able to put the circle on the Kickoff button)

  9. Martin Owens says:

    Please release svg, if you need help forming it, let me know.

  10. CTown says:

    I really like the font and the Bling installer. Roman Shtylman is a really good at art-work. But, I do not like this logo very much. I was not trying to be mean, but it seems much to simple. I like the ones from:

    There are nine mockups, but you need to download the png file.

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