Whatever might this be? (Return of the Whatever)

Mysteriously introducing new Plasma-based technologies…. it’s what we do. (Click shinies for bigger)

…and I’ll leave you with that.

Oh, and I’m planning the QApt/Muon 1.0 beta release for tomorrow. (Well, technically today, as it is just past midnight. Probably within twelve hours.) But I need some sleep now. I’ll also probably be nice and fill in a bit more about the mysterious contents of this blog post. 😉


7 Responses to Whatever might this be? (Return of the Whatever)

  1. Fri13 says:

    That really is interesting but I hope it is by default turned off then. Because I believe the better place for managing all software installation is the one UI what is then similar for every distribution user.

  2. Purple-Bobby says:

    I think this is a good start, the only snag is that you appear to need to know the name of app.

    I would want to, say, show a weather service, so type “weather” and hope to get to use the highest rated or most popular weather service.

    I’m not sure having the user fire up the software installer authenticate as root, find the package, install it, agree to the dependencies… is the best use of the user’s time. But, obviously you don’t want the users installing mal-ware.

    In the spirit of Java, you might open a lightweight user-interface to some service, and the local functionality comes over the wire (or air) just before it is needed.

    I guess you would subscribe to a service/information-source (or suffer the adverts).

  3. Antonio says:

    Awesome, ship it!

    Instead of the usual “apt-get install foo” you get as instructions on the web, you can now say Alt+F2, “foo”, Enter!

    Thanks for your work!


  4. thorGT says:

    This is definitely nice work, however I still don’t understand if you’re going to use Shaman or write your own frontend. If the latter is true, then what are the problems with Shaman you’ve encountered and have you tried to collaborate with the developers to fix that? I mean, duplication is bad, especially that it weakens Linux and Open Source in general.

  5. Supreme1012 says:

    I dont know what they’re talking about, but this is awesome! Im guessing theyre just confused about things. Like is this a plugin that can be turned on and off? And Im pretty sure you cant run the krunner plugin as root, so it must either open up the package manager or prompt for the root pw to install. Otherwise it would be a security issue. Im really looking forward to using your package management apps someday. Amazing work!

  6. […] “Command Not Found” Plasma Runner As promised, an explanation. […]

  7. The User says:

    What’s the problem with PackageKit?

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