QApt/Muon 0.5.0 (1.0 RC)

The release train keeps rolling on… In one week both Muon and QApt 1.0 will be released. Until then, here’s one last pre-release to iron out any remaining issues before the stable release. Packages are in the normal place, and sources for QApt 0.5.0 can be found here. (Muon 0.5.0 sources will be uploaded in the usual place once I get back to the hotel… unfortunately I cannot do the GPG signing of the tarball on my grandparent’s computer) Here’s what’s new since last week:

QApt 0.5.0

  • No coding changes, but there are now a weeks worth more translations for the qapt-batch utility. 🙂 Go, go kde-i18n!

Muon 0.5.0

  • A teeny new feature, but I added a nice little busy indicator overlay on the changelog viewing tab while it fetches the changelog. This improves usability, so that you can tell when it is really working, etc. Try it out. 🙂
  • Fixed a bug where an error such as an authentication error or download error would not properly return Muon to a usable state. (Grayed-out toolbar, getting trapped in the preview view.) Bug 246596
  • A minor code cleanup for the software-properties-kde launching code. Nothing too special.
  • Fixed a typo in the dependencies tab.

As you can see, the list of changes and bugfixes has slowed significantly. This is a sign that Muon really is ready for a release in one week; I’d be a bit afraid if I was still fixing major bugs at this point. 🙂

So, yeah, final release in a week. I’ll be getting the RC into maverick in the next few days (keep in mind that it won’t be default just yet) and will update to the final release the day it becomes available. (“Coincidentally” also being the day of Ubuntu feature freeze ;)) Thanks for all the support, testing and bug reporting. At this point all reported bugs against Muon have been fixed, and Muon has been translated in to over half a dozen languages. See you in a week!


9 Responses to QApt/Muon 0.5.0 (1.0 RC)

  1. tag says:

    please,do packages or repository =) to debian too!
    thank you!

  2. CTown says:

    Wow, thanks I really do love Muon. I like the fact that it is much easier to use than Synaptic, has that “By Origin” view that the Ubuntu Software Center has, and it has an easy way to get to that program that manages your repositories just like KPackageKit does.
    Not only that, it is much easier to use than the package manager in OpenSuse by a long shot (which takes forever to update sources, even before I added any new ones).

    By the way, after installing debconf-kde (after installing the first time around) I never had a problem with Muon after that, at least not that I can remember. Congratulations, on this great project and hope it gets even better than what it already is!

  3. Naproxeno says:

    Thank you! You fixed my bug right away. 🙂

    You are doing a great work with Muon. A good package manager for Kubuntu was sorely needed.

  4. Yes says:

    A really nice package manager. The only thing I still miss is a alternative detailed ´console-like´ installation process view. I do not like it when I only see a progress bar and a short text, that I can´t really follow. A switchable detailed view, that show progress, download speed etc. for every package in a console like list view would be very useful.

  5. Albert says:

    Hi Johnatan,

    I must admint that I like a lot muon, at least a synaptic like for KDE. I do have some small comments and wish list. That will be great if the software category can have a nice icon and something I will like most is a more simple way to select package to be installed. Actually you need to click on the package and after on the button. It’s ok when you want to install one or two package but if you want to do a big selection it’s too much interaction. Just a thought.

    Thanks for the good work,


  6. Poborskiii says:

    1) In my Lucid is Muon 0.5.0 crashing always if I am trying to click on any linux kernel package.

    2) Results of searching is impossible to order correctly by name or status.

    3) If description of package (in sigle row under name of package) is too long, then width of window is expanded according to length of description (without wrap to more rows or truncation of description)

    • 1) Please report this crash to (help -> report bug)
      2) Yes, this is intentional, otherwise the relevancy sorting of the xapian search could not be maintained. Perhaps slightly less than ideal, but I don’t know what to do about that at the moment.
      3) Hmm, do you have an example package? I’d like to take a look to see what I can do about it.

  7. | Ktoekoms says:

    […] d'un article de Jonathan Thomas sur les évolution de Muon ( Gestionnaire de Package Debian ) et de Qapt […]

  8. Yuri sss says:

    I’ve made some suggestions for your program in the Kubuntu forum:

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