QApt 1.0.3 hotfix release

Hello all,

This is a quick announcement for the 1.0.3 release of the QApt package management framework.

Recently it was brought to my attention that when Synaptic was open, applications using the QApt Worker to commit changes (such as Muon) would silently fail, instead of showing the appropriate “another package manager is open” error.

This hotfix release fixes this issue, by checking for system lock status within the worker before trying to commit changes.

I’ll be making packages after afternoon class, but I think that this release is unexciting enough for most people to be able to wait for 3 hours. 😛 (Though, it does have more QApt Batch translations, thanks to the great kde-i18n team) 🙂

As Muon hasn’t had any changes at all since 1.0.2, I will not be making a 1.0.3 release at this time. If bugs turn up in 1.0.2 I’ll probably make a 1.0.3 release. Otherwise, the development focus is on QApt/Muon trunk, where neat things that I shall blog about soon are happening.


3 Responses to QApt 1.0.3 hotfix release

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  3. Juan Roldan says:

    That was a quick fix 😉 Keep up the good work!


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