QApt 1.0.4 and Muon 1.0.3 released

Hi all,

Time to do another bugfix release of the Muon package manager and the library it is built upon, LibQApt. Muon is a powerful package manager for Debian-based systems, with a focus on having a sane UI. After these bugfix releases, there will likely be no further releases until QApt and Muon 1.1 are released. If something major arises, a bugfix release would of course be made, though at this point I think we would have discovered such a bug already. 😉

Sources for QApt and Muon are available here and here, respectively. Packages are already available for Kubuntu 10.10  in the regular PPA. I’ll make packages for 10.04 if there is demand. 🙂

Anyways, aside from more translations, here’s what’s new in the package management world:

QApt 1.0.4


  • Respect preference files in the /etc/apt/preferences.d/ dir, and not just the /etc/apt/preferences file itself
  • Catch and report initialization errors in places we were missing them
  • Report that package state has changed when loading selection files


Muon 1.0.3


  • * Disable the reinstall button for non-reinstallable items, such as non-downloadable    and/or locally-installed packages. (BKO: #254449)

1.1 News

I thought I might do a first alpha of QApt and Muon 1.1 tonight. But in 4 minutes it will technically be morning, and I need to go to bed. I will try to make the releases within the week, though. I should note that I will be unable to make 1.1 packages for Ubuntu 10.04, as LibQApt 1.1 will require APT 0.8.0 or higher, and 10.04 has 0.7.25. Just a heads-up.

In the meanwhile, you can check out what’s new, (I have a few more neat things implemented since then to blog about when I release. :)) and stay tuned for further blog posts.



5 Responses to QApt 1.0.4 and Muon 1.0.3 released

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  2. manolin says:

    Still I don’t get why to re-do the wheel KPackage kit rocks right now.

    • -When I started with Muon, KPackageKit was in nowhere near as good of a shape as it is now.
      -Muon is faster than PackageKit. (It takes 2 seconds to load a list of installed packages, versus almost-instantly with Muon)
      -Muon provides functionality that KPackageKit will never have due to the design of PackageKit, such as purging, reinstallation and downgrading support. These are of interest to intermediately advanced users and power users. I can see KPackageKit being a nice way for a program to request the installation of a codec, but for actual package management it falls short.
      -KPackageKit is based on PackageKit, which is a fundamentally flawed way of going about package management on Debian systems. For example, PackageKit still fights with/duplicates the standard APT settings for how often to check for updates, and whether or not to automatically install updates. PackageKit just introduces another layer of things that can either go wrong or that don’t mesh quite well with APT since PackageKit was originally designed for RPM-based systems.

  3. L says:

    Very good soft, I all ready use it on my KUbuntu.

  4. Marcin says:

    Good app.
    It’d be great to have a Debian Squeeze package as well;)

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