Muon Suite 1.1 Beta packages available for Kubuntu 10.04

Just a quick note, I’d like to thank EagleScreen a bunch for doing the backporting work necessary to get QApt and Muon 1.1 beta 2 building on Kubuntu Lucid.  (Packages were previously unavailable due to the lack of a recent enough APT package)

The packages are available from the normal PPA. Note that these packages do require KDE 4.5 from the Kubuntu Backports PPA.

EDIT: It seems that there are a bunch of packages in Lucid that cannot coexist with the newer APT required for QApt 1.1. Trying to upgrade will result in their removal. This unfortunately makes it impossible for Muon 1.1 packages to be made for Lucid. Thanks to EagleScreen for trying all the same. 🙂


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