Muon Suite 1.1.3 Released

The third monthly bugfix release for Muon Suite 1.1 has been released. The Muon Suite is a set of package management utilities for Debian-based Linux distributions built on KDE technologies.

The 1.1.3 release brings several bugfixes made over the past month, as well as updated translations.

Binary packages for Kubuntu 10.10 and 11.04 can be found at the QApt PPA here.

Further technical information about the release, including source tarball downloads, can be found at the Muon and LibQApt project pages here and here.


13 Responses to Muon Suite 1.1.3 Released

  1. Victor says:

    Why isn’t it asking for confirmation when it needs to install/remove dependencies, like Synaptic/apt-get does?
    It’s helpful to know that the package i am going to install pulls sometimes big package as dependencies – and i might cancel the installation process.

  2. Helder says:

    Hi Jonathan!

    Why i can’t see this new version at package manager (Muon 1.1.65)?

    I have the ppa installed and doesn’t happened any error.

  3. Simon says:

    Hey Jonathan!

    Thanks for your excellent work! I now use muon for some simpler tasks, still use aptitude for when I want to figure out what causes something to be installed. (A first step to improve this use case in muon might be to show the installed status for the packages in the reverse dependencies list..)

    Anyway, reason for this comment was to ask about the dependency change of libqapt-runtime from libpolkit-qt-1-1 to 1-0, is that intentional? Makes upgrade on maverick impossible…

    • Hmm, you probably have the KDE 4.6 PPA enabled, which uses a different version of polkit-qt. I need to upload qapt there so that it’ll build against the newer polkit, thanks for the reminder.

  4. Chris says:

    Any word on if this might get into Debian unstable at any point? There isn’t any good KDE apt frontend around for it right now that I’ve seen.

  5. Sabrina says:

    Cool!! But just a question, do you have plans to merge muon software center with the muon package manager in one application? Like the Ubuntu sofware center, that sows the applications and have on the bottom one button to show “tecnical packages”

    Good job, you are the man!

    • It’s my personal opinion that the two types of interfaces are best kept separate, so I probably won’t merge the two.

      • Sabrina says:

        Thank you for the fast answer 🙂 I think that allow acces to the two interfaces in one has many advantages, for example if you are interested in install amarok you can cick in “Amarok”, but if you wish to install plasma-runner-amarok to use amarok from KRunner, you will need to open other program…

        Anyway, you work your rules xD
        Thank you very much!!

  6. Antonio says:

    Is there any possibility of having pre-compiled packages for Debian?

  7. Hello muon package manager is super!
    Just two suggestions :
    1 Could you let the user show/hide the console output when installing packages just like synaptic does? its very good because you can check for errors when installing important packages (like kernel and be able to see if update-grub failed or dkms installed correctly fglrx modules) and hide the default downloading/preparing/installing bars (you know the ones that kpackagekit has when installing)
    2 give an option to keep the installing window unless user chooses to close it much like synaptic option “hide window when installation complete” so user can inspect console output for errors
    Anyway thanks a lot for you hard work and this awesome package manager!

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