Muon Suite 1.2.2 released

October 25, 2011

I am glad to announce the first bugfix release for Muon Suite 1.2. The Muon Suite is a set of package management utilities for Debian-based Linux distributions built on KDE technologies.

This is the second monthly bugfix release for the 1.2 series, and brings several fixes for Multi-Arch packages on 64-bit systems with Kubuntu 11.10, as well as fixes for a few other bugs with package searching, the history view, and the QApt .deb Installer.

Packages for Kubuntu 11.04 will be available soon from the QApt repository. I will try to get 1.2.2 pushed as an official update for Kubuntu 11.10 over the next week or so using the Ubuntu Stable Release Update process. Since this has a more rigorous testing process than my unofficial PPA, regression testing from users will be required. Stay tuned for more info about that if you’d like to help!

Further technical information about the release, including source tarball downloads and a detailed changelog, can be found at the project pages here and here.

I will be releasing the first pre-release of the Muon Suite 1.3 next weekend, so stay tuned for that too.