Muon Suite 1.4 Beta Released

Rolling along right on schedule, I am proud to announce the beta release for Muon Suite 1.4. The Muon Suite is a set of package management utilities for Debian-based Linux distributions built on KDE technologies. Packages for Kubuntu 12.04 “Precise Pangolin” are available in the QApt Experimental PPA.

Improvements since alpha include assorted bugfixes within Muon Discover, as well as a few new features. The primary feature is that the Muon Software Center and Muon Discover can now automatically install language support for applications when run on a system containing Ubuntu’s check-language-support script from language-selector. This allows e.g. translations for the Gimp or other GTK applications to be automatically installed on a KDE system, where they might not already be installed. Systems without the check-language-support utility will notice no change, and things will work exactly as they have been.


Detailed changelogs for LibQApt and Muon can be found here and here, respectively.


4 Responses to Muon Suite 1.4 Beta Released

  1. Johnny says:

    Have you given up on Kubuntu 11.10? I still get a “This operation cannot continue since proper authorization was not provided” error in Muon 1.3.1 in 11.10. 12.04 still way to unstable last time I tried it ( ~1 week or so) on my hardware. Video and audio glitches abound on that thing.

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