Kubuntu Shirt! Flu!

December 23, 2012

I got a parcel in the mail the other day! The customs sticker said it contained a T-Shirt. My friend Jonathan Riddell sent the package, and the shirt looks rather spiffy, I think:

Festive Tree in the background. Awkward smile foreground.

Festive Tree in the background. Awkward smile foreground.

I’ve never been one to be able to smile naturally for pictures, but here’s my best shot! Many thanks to Riddell, who gave away the leftover Kubuntu polo shirts from UDS to anybody who made a post like this.

I actually received the parcel at my parent’s house on the 13th of December, and was planning on doing this post last Sunday on the 16th However, on the 16th I began coming down with a bad case of the flu. (Get vaccinated! I forgot and paid the price.) From Monday until Wednesday I had a high fever (39.6°C or 103.3°F) complete with crazy flu dreams. I could hardly move until Thursday. I’m feeling much better now, (though I’m still blowing junk out of my nose) so that’s good.

Happy Holidays (the next one being Christmas)!


Muon Suite 1.9.65 (Alpha 2)

December 11, 2012

I am proud to announce the first alpha release for Muon Suite 2.0. The Muon Suite is a set of package management utilities for Debian-based Linux distributions built on KDE technologies. Packages for Kubuntu 12.10 “Quantal Quetzal” are available in the QApt Experimental PPA.

Most of the big stuff for 2.0 was announced in my previous post. Some bug fixes have been applied, as well as some more boring behind-the-scenes restructuring of code. That’s why this is still an alpha release instead of a beta release. We have a few more features we’d like to get in, and then do a beta release. (I’ve been busy studying for final exams this past week, which is why the release is a bit late…)


Detailed changelogs for LibQApt and Muon can be found here and here, respectively.