Megalomaniacy was never so fun…

January 29, 2009

Yay, I’m an MOTU!
I’d like to thank all my sponsors and for my fellow MOTUs who pointed me in the right direction of how to use my new powers over the Universe.

I started by uploading some new upstream releases of 4 plasmoids. Basically right before the 4.2 release KDE changed its CMake setup which broke all existing 3rd party plasmoids. Our crack team of ninjas patched them all, but now the 3rd party upstreams are starting to do minor releases integrating these patches. The less patches we leave around, the better. 🙂

It feels good being able to upload my own work, though I suppose until I’m a core-dev I’ll still have to ping my old buddies Riddell, apachelogger, and ScottK periodically. 😛

Here’s to a rocking KDE Universe in Jaunty! I will do my best so that Kubuntu provides the rockingest KDE4 experience out there.

Oh, I also updated konq-plugins for KDE 4.2.0 the other day… This is the first upstream release since KDE 4.1.2 or so. Yeesh. After examining the patches we had lying around that originated from an old svn snapshot from debian, I found that we were disabling perfectly good plugins such as the directory filter plugin and others. On top of that there was a new Adblock plugin, (more new binary packages!) and upstream disabled the microformat plugin, presumably due to low quality. (Yay removal of cruft!) Since the last release was back in KDE 4.1.2 (Intrepid) days, the packaging also needed attention. While I spent a few good hours waiting for it to compile I went over and found a good number of other things that needed to be changes. The debian/changelog entry is quite large for a small package such as konq-plugins. It really surprised me. But I guess that’s what happens when you go without an update for so long… you get changes all at once.

Hmm, this sorta morphed into two blog posts. Peace to all my MOTU homies, and grats to KDE for a grand 4.2 release!


A new year, a new version of Kubuntu

January 2, 2009

Since yesterday was New Years Day, I thought it would be a perfect time to upgrade to Jaunty. The upgrade was quite smooth for an upgrade to an Ubuntu alpha. I only got bit by one small python-central bug and an overwrite error or two. (These have been reported by others)

I had to pin some X packages beforehand to make sure the drivers for my nvidia card worked, but at least I could get it to work this time around.

Since I was already running KDE 4.2 in Intrepid I don’t have that to wow me about Jaunty, but I think startup time was a bit faster.

One thing that worries me slightly is that I had to sudo service networking restart before the network would work. I have a simple dhcp wired connection set up in /etc/network/interfaces since I’m on a desktop computer and I find network manager more of a pain than its worth. This worked fine in Intrepid so I hope it doesn’t become habitual in Jaunty…

Overall Jaunty is pretty cool. New versions of software, a not-wrecking-my-computer upgrade experience; pretty nice.